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Spotlight on Misha Patel Yoga


Wolf and Badger Magazine

Self-Love, Yoga and Motherhood

When I was nominated to write this article I could hardly contain my excitement! Being included in this beautiful magazine and sharing my journey of yoga and motherhood was an honour.


Women's Health Magazine

Top 10 South Asian Yoga Teachers

This website is the first one everyone goes to when they want to know about the best and latest trends in yoga. It feels amazing to have my hard work and effort recognized in this way and to be named amongst these fantastic South Asian Yoga Teachers.


Wanderlust TV

The Practice does the work: Teacher Interview

I am delighted to teach online classes for Wanderlust TV. Wanderlust is an International Yoga Festival and their TV encompasses different styles of yoga for people to practice anywhere in the world. I was recently featured in their Q&A and discuss restorative yoga in this article.

As Featured In: As Featured In
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